Making Disciples Pt. 1 - Equipping Series



There was a man who was confined to his bed due to a lingering illness. As he would gaze through his window, he would expectantly watch the cocoon of a beautiful species of butterfly as it lay on the windowsill. The days passed, and it came time for the butterfly to begin its struggle of breaking free from the cocoon. It was a long, hard, painful battle. As the hours went by, the toiling insect seemed to make almost no progress. Finally, feeling sorry for the seemingly trapped little creature, the man thought, “I’ll show mercy on the poor thing and help.” So he took a pair of scissors and snipped the opening of the cocoon, making it larger. The butterfly crawled out, but that's all it ever did . . . crawl.

It is the pressure of the struggle that pushes the colorful, life-giving fluids into the wings, thus giving the butterfly the strength to bravely open its wings and soar. The man, in his misguided mercy, prevented this necessary struggle. The insect never did become what it was created to be. It was never able to fly on rainbow wings above the beautiful gardens. Instead, it was confined to spending its brief life crawling in the dust of this world.

Unfortunately, there are too many believers who are stunted in their growth, because they refuse to go through the struggles incurred from a life of obedience to God. As a result, they live in an arrested state of spiritual development. Like the butterfly, they are confined to a life of crawling in worldliness, instead of soaring in the heavens. This discipleship class is designed to assist you as you grow in our precious Lord. If you are steadfast and participate in all of the lessons, then I am very confident that you will not only grow closer to Jesus, but will also be much more effective in your service to Him.

We pray, asking our Lord to bless you abundantly as you learn of and from Him through His Word. You will be challenged like the butterfly, and there will be times when you struggle to attend the sessions and work the lessons. However, be encouraged, for it is through the struggles that you, too, will grow and develop the spiritual strength to fly on wings like eagles, becoming all that God created you to be.

Pastor Larry DiSimone

“…grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory both now and forever. Amen.” 2 Peter 3:18

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